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2023-01-12 12:07 PM

About us

Directorate General of Air Transport

Is one of the important directorate in the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority, Republic of Yemen. It is responsible to organize and supervise all activities of air transport in Yemen, and exchange of rights of air transport necessary through the signature of bilateral agreements and memoranda of understanding in the field of air transport, in order to conduct international airlines regularly, as well as to set rules and regulations for air transport, in addition to applying the provisions of Annex 9 to the Convention on international Civil Aviation (facilities), to simplify the procedures for the entry and exit of the movement of aircraft, passengers and cargo, and in coordination with the relevant authorities operating in airports immigration and customs, quarantine, to provide the necessary comfort to ease the flow of air traffic, passengers and cargo, as well as the adoption of schedules regular airline flights, and approval to grant the necessary permits to operate charter flights from landing or overflying Yemen airspace.


(Air transport safe performance boosts and high quality competition services for all clients)

Our mission:

(Adoption of professional management and advanced technology of high quality in the field of air transport to achieve excellence and improve the provision of services to all clients in accordance with standards of safety and aviation security, and with a commitment to community service and the preservation of environment).

Values that we hold dear:


Sincerity and the sense of responsibility and commitment to the Commission and its staff and clients.


Knowledge dissemination and exchange of information, simplify and clarify the procedures and disclosure of the highest degrees of professionalism.

Integrity and honesty:

Dealing with neutrality, objectivity and sincerity in order to build confidence and achieve the highest legal and ethical standards for the implementation of the objectives of the Commission.

Continuous development and improvement:

Development and capacity-building measures on an ongoing basis, and to instill a culture of excellence in line with international best practices.


Achievement through cooperation and teamwork product and at all levels to ensure the achievement of the national goals of institutional and high efficiency, strengthen dialogue and relations with partners effectively and complete transparency.

Our Objectives:

1)Promotion and development of air transport facility and promotion, according to the development of the air transport marketing.

2)Fixed draw up a plan for air transport in a form that ensures the highest levels of safety, regularity and efficiency and economic efficiency according to the events of international standards and the establishment of fair competition methods.

3)Hold bilateral and international agreements and the development of bilateral relations with the countries of the world and international organizations in the field of air transport so as to enhance the status of the Republic of Yemen at the regional and international level.

4)Grant rights of air transport and equitable distribution to national companies, without distinction or duplication or unfair competition, taking into account the road network regional air and air traffic and international to facilitate the linking of international air on the road network of global air whether operating regular or irregular on the basis of parity economic support of the tourism activity and the interests the national economy.5. Overseeing the offices of travel agents and air freight after fulfilling all the technical and economic conditions and administrative to ensure quality service to the public beneficiaries.

5)Stimulate investment opportunities in the air transport sector.

6)Development of financial resources and supplement the revenues of our Civil Aviation & Met. Authority.


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