Technical Flight Permit

2023-01-03 10:55 AM

Technical Flight Permit

Requirements for charter technical flight permit" landing & takeoff ":


The following information must be included in the application:

1.Name of the operator or owner of aircraft.

2.Type of Aircraft.

3.Registration of aircraft.

4.Aircraft Callsign & Flight No. according the ICAO.

5.The maximum takeoff weight for the aircraft (MTOW.(

6.Route for the flight(the origin & destination).

7.Expected (estimate time of arrive & departure ), date of operation to Yemen airports (you must care of the working hours).

8.The purpose of the flight.

9.The names of the passengers and their nationalities.

10. A cover letter from the receiving party in case the flight was a visit.

11.Disclaimer, that the flight is free of any hazardous materials, weapons and photography devices.

12.Address of owner or the investor flight with the e-mail address.

13.payment fees are to be paid in cash at the airport before takeoff.

14.Application request is made in an official paper and submit to the following addresses:

Director General of Air Transport

Licenses and permission operations (24 hours)

Tele                    + 967 1 274712

   + 967 1 279455

Fax                       + 967 1 274126

     + 967 1 272058


AFTN              OYHQYFYX



In case of long term application you are requested to attached all aircraft documents with application

Note: The time required for the issuance of permits flights:

1.Charter flights less than thirty flights requires 24-hour to issue the permit.

2.Charter flights more than thirty flights requires 72-hour to issue the permit.


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