The results of our participation in the sixth ICANN convergence –2013

2023-01-13 8:23 PM

The results of our participation in the sixth ICANN convergence –2013


our country had participated in the activities of the Sixth International Conference of the negotiations of air transport (ICAN-2013) hosted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which held this year in Durban in South Africa which started 9th of December and last until 13th of the same month, 2013, under the supervision of the air transportation Department of Republic of South Africa, and the delegation of CAMA was represented and headed by Mr. Mohammed Abdel Rahman Abdel Kader – Deputy of CAMA.

73 countries had participated in the conference, including our country in addition to 8 international organizations, and during the conference more than 500 sessions of bilateral talks had issued on which more than 500 memorandums of understanding and agreement and minutes of the meeting in the field of exchange of services and the rights of air transport between the participating countries.

Keeping in mind that this conference is considered one of the more special successful conferences to negotiate in the field of air transport in terms of participation and the number of agreements signed.

During the conference, and agreement for the exchange of air services with the United Kingdom and a memorandum of understanding under which raise the number of flights between the two sides to 14 flights per week with the liberalization of the exercise of the five freedoms across any point intermediate between Yemen and Britain has been signed and approved, in addition to allowing Yemeni carriers to enter into cooperation agreements and code-sharing and other commercial arrangements.

during the conference CAMA delegation had accomplished 11sessions of official talks, and these meetings resulted in the signing of five agreements for the exchange of air transport regulation initialed between our country and, Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Togo, the Republic of Rwanda, the United Republic of Tanzania in addition to the updated Memorandum of Understanding between our country and Republic of Bangladesh and the signing of the minutes of the meeting between the civil aviation authorities with the Republic of Cambodia to cooperate in the field of air transport .

 As sessions preliminary discussions were held with Canada, the European Union, Indonesia, and Senegal.

Meetings and signing ceremony were held by the presence of Dr. Mazen Ahmed Ghanem - General Director of Air Transport and Mr. Osama Ahmed Al-siaghy - Director of organizations and conventions Department.



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