The launching of the first Etihad Airways flights to Sana’a International Airport

2023-01-12 11:43 AM

The launching of the first Etihad Airways flights to Sana’a International Airport


The arrival of the first flights of Etihad Airways to Sanaa International Airport:


Etihad Airways has launched on Sunday 01/09/2013 their first flight to Yemen by the arrival of its first flight to Sanaa International Airport in the presence of His Excellency Dr. Waed Bathib the Minister of Transport and Mr. Hamed Ahmed Faraj, Chairman of the civil aviation metrology authority.


Meanwhile and During the launching ceremony, the Minister of Transport Dr. Waed Bathib has declared that the arrival of this flight to Sana’a International Airport confirms that Yemen is a safe and stable country, and refutes all allegations that promote here and there about the lack of stability, as well as it consider a message of love and loyalty of the UAE leadership, government and people to the Republic of Yemen leadership, government and people, and he add saying,

 "all the investors will be served with all the facilities that they require and will find safe environment which will perhaps attract many investments, and Etihad Airways is just a sign confirming that Yemen is a safe and stable and no room for chaos or insulting here or there and we are welcoming all airlines companies wither from Arab or foreign countries, and that is the only response to all unjustified attempts, which seeks to undermine the stability and security of Yemen. "

He pointed out that this celebration of lunching Etihad flights represents great importance being coincides with the celebrations of the Yemeni people who celebrate the Yemeni revolution September, October and November. And he expressed his thanks to all the businessmen who participated in bringing in all the Arab and foreign investments to Yemen.

From the other side, Mr. Khaled Al- Mahrebe- Senior Vice President at Etihad Airways expressed that by the arrival of the first flights to Yemen comes within the framework of the promotion and development of bilateral relations between the two countries and an important step to promote many sectors of tourism, economic and trade in Yemen. He pointed out that the company will operate four flights a week via Abu Dhabi Sanaa line. Expressed his hopes to increase the number of flights in the future to include a number of Yemeni airports.



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