Requirements for airline service agent

2023-01-03 11:31 AM

Requirements for airline service agent

Requirements for a Aviation Services Agent License2014:


Aviation Services Agents shall be licensed by CIVIL AVIATION & MET. AUTHORITY (CAMA), Directorate General of Air Transport for the purposes of liaising communication with CAMA to obtain Air clearances (Landing And Overflying Permits), (Summer, winter Schedules, Charter Flights), as well as the settlement of all related payments on behalf of their clients. A licensed Aviation Services Agent shall be accountable for all the payments of their clients as per CAMA applicable regulations, therefore:

1.CAMA will not issue any air clearance (Landing and Overflying Permits), (Summer, winter Schedules, Charter Flights) unless the licensed Aviation Services Agents demonstrates to the satisfaction of CAMA that the appointment (letter of designation or contract) from the air operator(s) and/or representative and/ or agents is assigned to a single licensed Aviation Services Agents.

2.All financial claims shall be owed directly to the Aviation Services Agents and no one else.

3.A licensed Aviation Services Agents shall settle all outstanding claims within 30 days from the date of the reception of CAMA invoices, provided that the Aviation Services Agents shall within five working days of each starting month contact the Air Navigation Feesto sign for the receipt of the invoices list.

4.Aviation Services Agents who cause a delay in the above mentioned settlement time frame will not be allowed to perform any Aviation Services activities. Moreover, this may result in Aviation Services Agent license suspension or revocation as well aslegal liabilities and/ or penalties that may arise accordingly.

The exercise conditions for activity Aviation Services Companies / Agencies based outside the Republic of Yemen are satisfy the following:


1.Submit a formal request to the Chairman CIVIL AVIATION & MET. AUTHORITY (a new request or annual renewal).

2.A copy of the certificate / license approved by the civil aviation in the state represented main activity.

3.The applicant are required to provide a bank guarantee (Estimated at between $ 30,000 - $ 100,000) according to the company's activity, and to be valid throughout the duration of the license or to be renewed annually. And be payable in full or any part thereof, upon request in order to ensure the implementation of these regulations and the implementation of the commitments the applicant to the CAMA.

4.The applicant can replaced the guarantee agent which mentioned on No3 by transferring in advance payment to the approved bank account of our authority ,the account are fed according to the company's activity.

5.Signing the "Declaration"the commitment to implement the laws and regulations issued by the Civil Aviation Authority Yemen.

6.A copy of national ID card for the owner.

7.Three pictures 4 × 6 for the owner.




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