General Landing & Takeoff Flight Permit

2023-01-03 11:21 AM

General Landing & Takeoff Flight Permit

Requirements for issue general landing & takeoff permit " charter flight" :

The following information must be included in the application:

1.Name of the operator or owner of aircraft.

2.Type of Aircraft.

3.Registration of aircraft.

4.Aircraft Callsign & Flight No. according the ICAO.

5.The maximum takeoff weight for the aircraft (MTOW.(

6.Route for the flight(the origin & destination).

7.Expected (estimate time of arrive & departure ), date of operation to Yemen airports (you must care of the working hours).

8.The purpose of the flight.

9.In case of tourist flight caver letter from organizer shall be attached upon request .

10.Disclaimer, that the flight is free of any hazardous materials, weapons and photography devices.

11.Address of owner or the investor flight with the e-mail address.

12.payment fees are to be paid in cash at the airport before takeoff.

13.Application request is made in an official paper and submit to the following addresses:

Director General of Air Transport

Licenses and permission operations (24 hours)

Tele                      +967 1 274712

       +967 1 279455

Fax                       + 967 1 274126

       + 967 1 272058


AFTN              OYHQYFYX



The time required for the issuance permit flights:

after the completion of the above-mentioned and submit it , the necessary procedures and working according to the following:

A - Charter flights less than ten flights require 72 hours to issues the permit.

B - Charter flights more than ten flights require a week to issues the permit.

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